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Modified firmware for Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel

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The modified firmware allows you to change some of the Custom Function settings which became available. The Flash exposure compensation is available now by pressing SET button during the shooting if CF01 is set to 2

CF 01: SET button func. when shooting
0: Default (no function).
1: Change quality.

     You can select the recording quality directly.
2: Change parameters.
     Works as FEC (Flash Exposure Conpensation)
3: Menu display.
     Provides the same function as the MENU button.
4: Image replay.
     Provides the same function as the PLAY button.

CF 02: Shutter release w/o CF card
0: Possible without CF card
1: Not possible
      The shutter release will not work if there is no CF card in the camera, so it prevents you from forgetting to load a CF card. If there is no CF card and you press the shutter button, no CF will blink on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder.

CF 03: Flash sync speed in Av mode
0: Auto
1: 1/200sec (fixed)
     For flash shot in the aperture-priority AE mode (Av), the shutter speed will be locked at 1/200 sec. This prevents a slow shutter speed from being set in very dark conditions.

CF 08: RAW+JPEG rec.
     Sets the recording quality of the JPEG image recorded simultaneously and embedded in the RAW image file.
0:RAW+Small Normal
1:RAW+Small Fine
2:RAW+Medium Normal
3:RAW+Medium Fine
4:RAW+Large Normal
5:RAW+Large Fine

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